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I am what you would call a "hyper creative" , not because I am physically hyperactive, (but I am), No its because I am constantly deconstructing and analyzing everything around me , in an effort to beautify my environment. I am very adept at helping others realize , or materialize ideas they pull from their imaginations, that they where previously unable to . This is both an innate ability, (kind of like an "art-empath" ) as well as a learned skill from all my years of doing tattoo design consultations,  this method of inspiring others to create, is one of the driving forces in my life. I would love to teach art, any form of it, to anybody, kids and adults, and although that dream might always remain just that , a dream. I will always find ways to teach or inspire in some form or another.


                             IN MY YOUTH


     My name is Steve Allen, I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I have always had the undeniable urge to make stuff, to create something out of , or with ,....stuff, something that was not there before. In my school days, I neglected everything but ART class, I was a terrible student, I had ADHD and was heavily medicated for years because of it, I look back and think, that was the wrong solution. I should have applied myself creatively, to achieve the greatest possible outcome. My parents should not have turned to medication as a "solution", but that was one of the least of their neglects.



      I have regrets, things that have held me back, I have lived a hard life, harder than most. I was homeless for most of my teens, and resented my parents, and the world for a long time. But with age comes wisdom, and I think those far gone days have taught me to appreciate what I have, and not take anything for granted. In my youth,  I hitchhiked across the country, back when someone could actually DO that,  posting up here and there, creating art and offloading it, all around the country. I became involved in some crazy (mis)-adventures, and close calls that still haunt me to this day, and make me wonder, "how did I survive?". But for the most part, I look at the past as a trial, that I overcame. In my late teens I learned how to do tattoos form an old hell's angel by the name of Rusty Major, A.K.A "Rusty Nails" , as far as I know, I was his only apprentice. I became involved in some stupid shit, with some stupid people and through a series of bad choices , and subsequent incarcerations, I came very close to completely screwing my life up. But when I became a father, I realized it was time to turn my life around,


                        I WENT BACK TO SCHOOL

      That was over 20 years ago. Not long after that, I came to my senses, I obtained my G.E.D, and got my life back on track. Eventually , after years of hard work, I met my soulmate, and she convinced me to go to college. I studied at Lake Washington Technical Institute, for a couple years, and accumulated lots of credits towards a degree in multimedia design and production, only limited to the actuall classes provided by the school. Eventually my family and I moved, to Lake Stevens WA. and I started class at Everett Community College. There I changed programs , from multimedia design and production, to studio arts. Because of this, I am fluent in most of the industry standard programs associated with digital design such as Unity, Maya, most of the adobe creative suite, and a few others,  as well as  various studio arts and practices. 


                     I MET MY SOULMATe

        I am one of the lucky people on earth who has found their soulmate.  She is my muse, and my reason for existence. I hope everybody will have a chance at some point in  there lives, to feel that they are needed and loved by someone else so much, and to be the major part of someone else's life for all the foreseeable future,  and to feel like they have found there purpose. It is this purpose that drives me to achieve success, as an artist and as a human being in general. Now I look to the future, and I see myself as a product of the immediate. And a victim of no one.  I am a father and a husband first, then an artist. I look to nature for inspiration, as well as the spectacle that is human deprivation.  And as a result, my art style is dark, but I find beauty in almost everything. And that shows through in the colors I create with. 

Fill out this form if you have any questions, or if you would like to commission an art piece.

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